Sketch to model in 1 day

Production in 6 months

On in 12.

Gween Toys

I arrived at Gween Toys in Bangalore with the challenge to design the launch toys for this fresh startup.

After familiarising myself with the manufacturing method and its limitations, the materials and colour palette, I sketched up a few ideas in the first week.

The team liked the idea of the giraffe so we modelled it in one of the available materials; clay.

The Process

Chanapatna is famous for its wooden toys.

We travelled to the manufacturer and had pre-production prototypes made within weeks.

In the meantime we came up with two more toys. The naming and packaging processes began and we soon had a full range.

Lathed Sandalwood +

Natural Lac Colours

Using only organic materials, we worked with the artisans at Maya Organic throughout the process to refine design and manufacturing.

What people thought...

Video review from Toy Tasting.

“For a wonderful set of toys that are both educational and fun, check out Gween Toys!"


“My 22 month old can’t get enough of this toy... amazingly, she even counted to 10 yesterday for the first time! This is a really special toy. Beautifully made, educational and genuinely fun.”

— Amazon Review

“'Exquisite' is how I would describe them…completely down-to-earth and totally touchable…eye-candy that could easily double as charming decor…Gween Toys are downright genius."

— Petite Planet

The one that showed me travel + design is possible…

My work at Gween Toys was my first ‘full time’ employment. As one of two designers within the Gween Toys ‘startup’ at Rezonant Design, we were tasked with creating a sustainable, educational range of toys.

I lead prototyping and packaging design, supported by a larger team of incredible creatives, from animators and model makers to copywriters.