Turning 10,000 ideas into 1 great idea

with wild innovators.



New Technologies Group - Tech Sourcing & Industrial Design

“You’re a designer, you don’t need to use the template!”

Words of liberation from Avijit Das

Avi always had the right anecdote, life lesson or seemingly common-sense explanation. I spent the first three months trying to fit into a mould that worked well for an organisation of chemists, engineers, and project managers.

Once I expressed my work through my strengths, colleagues found new ways to use them they hadn’t realised were possible. The skills I had became more refined, and combined with a newly found appreciation of project management, were applied across 20+ of RB’s top brands.

Two approaches to Innovation.


Gathering insights through focus groups, quantitative research and in-house trials.



Connecting ideas and implementations from disparate industries to create unique experiences.

The Process

I got to design for mass-manufacture, present to global VPs, and taste pre-market lube.

What I learned working in this fast-paced, margin-squeezing environment has impacted everything I work on.

Every week we’d prototype, test and analyse hundreds of technologies and ideas that could affect people’s lives across the world.

I learned to shortlist and assess: intellectual property; external proposals; academic papers; specialist press and potential partners.

If want to work for Air Wick, get used to the smell.

Formative Experiences

How do you explain the benefits of layout skills to chemists?

Design for Chemists

How do you explain the benefits of layout skills to chemists?

Teach them to make Powerpoint their secret weapon over a couple of lunchtimes, and help them shock their bosses.

Industry Networks

I briefed and worked with external design agencies, including some of the UK’s best: DCA, 257, Rodd Design, CDP & more. In addition, I often travelled to build & test projects with dozens of technology providers, academics and suppliers.


From the day I started until I left, every manager gave me life lessons that taught me the power of mentorship.

Line Management

I hired & managed multiple placement students and junior designers who I maintain personal relationships with.

Materials & Sustainability

RB reached its Carbon20 goals 8 years early. I was NTG’s representative for the initiative during my time there.


The team knew how to make everything from vacuum cyclones to healthcare formulations, and it rubbed off.

Samples would fall under a microscope in one meeting and under a hammer in the next.

Working here gave me the confidence to create experiments and prototype anything, while building a workshop envied by other departments.

Courses completed

Solidworks Certification, Condom manufacturing, Design for Manufacturing: Injection moulding, blow moulding etc.

The impact of our team can be seen on shelves across the world.

Products influenced by NTG reached consumers in nearly 200 countries