I make stuff, a lot.

I connect people, ideas and technologies
through structure and empathy .

I grew up absorbing cultures, model making, and drawing. I'm a designer, facilitator and creative strategist who places an emphasis on structure and empathy.

I’m the founder of Nairobi Design, where I run Kenya's annual design festival, community and design studio that creatives exceptional, unconventional experiences locally and globally.

On the board of World Design Weeks, I work to improve diversity, member experience and data management.

I work with teams, communities and specialists on projects that utilise everyone's strengths. Teams I've started have thrived at Reckitt, WSUP, Sun King and Busara.

My work includes products, services, local and global creative campaigns, new technologies, toys, games, consumer electronics, furniture, sanitation, music videos, events and experiences.

Previous Engagements

  • ArtsThread Global Graduate Show 2021 [Judge]
  • Sondeka Festival 2021 [Workshop]
  • African Crossroads 2021 [Talk]
  • Africa Comicade 2021 [Workshop]
  • London Design Biennale 2021 [Exhibitor]
  • African Crossroads 2019 [Talk]
  • ICoD Special Meeting 2019, Graz [Guest]
  • Abu Dhabi Culture Summit, 2019 [Guest & Workshop]
  • Design Week Addis Ababa 2019 [Exhibitor]